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Every Kaleo Design is created by local NZ artists and inspired by the goal to capture the essence of Our Place. Our artists come from around the country, and offer their unique expressions of our favourite flora and fauna, scenery, cultural influences, Kiwiana and other iconic imagery of Aotearoa.

All our designs are limited edition runs. So, if you see one you like, get it soon. Our prints and styles will keep changing…with no shortage of great talent and inspiration around us to keep us creating. If you are a local artist and interested in collaborating with us on creating unique NZ designs, get in touch-we’d love to talk with you.

Or, maybe you have a design idea you’d like to see on one of our products? Please let us know. We value your input and are committed to creating prints that keep us all expressing our Aroha and Kiwi ways!

Learn more about our talented artists and our designs below

BOI CATCH <br> by Rebecca Iona

by Rebecca Iona

 “Fishing was a big part of my childhood. I vividly remember waking up early in the morning and the excitement of sitting in my grandfathers little tin boat which was being towed by the tractor do...
KINA COOL <br> by Rebecca Iona

by Rebecca Iona

 “Exploring the black sand beaches of the west coast of NZ was always so exciting. We would often find popping pearl seaweed, tumbleweed, Kauri snail shells, old fish carcasses, muscle and pipi sh...
POHUTUKAWA <br> by Lisa Baudry

by Lisa Baudry

 "I was designing this print around the time that the pohutukawa in my neighbourhood were in bloom. This flower has become synonymous with Christmas in New Zealand, so the challenge was to create s...
KOWHAIWHAI <br> by Kahurangi Rihari-Poa

by Kahurangi Rihari-Poa

 "Kahu’s Kowhaiwhai design just “flowed from “ him onto an A4 piece of paper, like many of his tatoo designs. The next trick was to work his unique creation… into a repeat surface pattern  print th...
BOI BEACH SCENERY <br> by Lisa Baudry

by Lisa Baudry

 I enjoyed looking at alot of Hawaiian shirts when researching for this print. It was inspiring to see how many different aspects of beach life are depicted on theseshirts. I thought a New Zealand ...
SPINIFEX <br> by Lisa Baudry

by Lisa Baudry

"The interplay between the spinifex forms was interesting to me, I love the way they move with the direction of the wind and the water. I wanted  this design to capture that feeling of lightness th...
PIU PIU FERN <br> by Lisa Baudry

by Lisa Baudry

"As botanist Bob Chinnock writes in his 1974 book “Ferns and Fern Allies of New Zealand”...”New Zealand is renowned the world over for the abundance and variety of its fern life. There are 151 spec...
PIPI SHELLS <br> by Lisa Baudry

by Lisa Baudry

"I have fond memories of digging in the sand at low tide with my feet feeling fortuatuas and pipis. The inspiration for this design came from the way the tuatuas look when they are collected in a b...
PATAKI <br> by Jacqueline Roper

by Jacqueline Roper

This was originally designed for our long sleeve shirts, fitting the brief that this product line should offer uniquely NZ patterns and a tasteful, more dressy or professional look…  Kiwi style. ...
HARAKEKE <br> by Lisa Baudry

by Lisa Baudry

 "I designed this print with womenswear in mind. I did alot of observational drawings and photographs of the Harakeke, as it was just coming into flower at the time I was designing this print. I th...
Kaleo Mens Short Sleeve Kina Cool Hawaiian Shirt

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