PIU PIU FERN <br> by Lisa Baudry

by Lisa Baudry

"As botanist Bob Chinnock writes in his 1974 book “Ferns and Fern Allies of New Zealand”...”New Zealand is renowned the world over for the abundance and variety of its fern life. There are 151 species of fern and 19 fern-allies representing twenty- three families which grace it’s forest floors, trees, stream banks, open hillsides and even coastal cliffs.” I love depicting lesser known ferns in my work, and this design features the Piupiu (crown fern) or Blechnum discolor."

Lisa Baudry


I was fortunate enough to discover my love of drawing and painting at art class in high school and felt drawn to pursue an artistic career. I moved from the family farm where I was raised to Auckland to study graphic design at Auckland Institute of Technology. My first creative jobs were in home decor, painting ceramics for several Auckland tableware companies. I loved seeing how a decorative design could sell a product. In 2014, after about a decade in the graphic design field, I got re-acquainted with the field of surface pattern design and since then have had some wonderful opportunities to develop my work in this direction. I love going for walks in nature and my patterns often get inspired by what I discover there. I observe and photograph plants that catch my eye, and if possible collect specimens to draw back in my studio.

Lisa Baudry 
Designer & Illustrator
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Piu Piu Fern