Kina Cool New <br> by Rebecca Iona

Kina Cool New
by Rebecca Iona

“Exploring the black sand beaches of the west coast of NZ was always so exciting. We would often find popping pearl seaweed, tumbleweed, Kauri snail shells, old fish carcasses, muscle and pipi shells and more, but when we found an intact kina shell it was like we had found treasure!  More recently we have discovered that we can dig for live kina and my children take great delight in finding them.  These memories and experiences have inspired my design which showcases the kina in all forms and sizes.  From a live kina with its grand spikes, to one that has been tumbled around in the sea, washed up and dried on the seashore. The artwork was hand drawn and digitally manipulated to create a striking design that is instantly recognizable as iconically Kiwi!”

Rebecca Iona


Rebecca Iona is a NZ born artist who resides in Auckland. Her love of art began at a very early age, spending her holidays observing and drawing the native flora and fauna around her family holiday home in Little Huia on the West Coast of Auckland. Rebecca says “there is something so beautiful and awe inspiring about nature that captivates me in a way nothing else can.  The smell, textures, colours, patterns and intricate details bring a sense of wonder.  Through the mediums of drawing and painting, I am able to capture these memories and moments in time and share them with others to enjoy.”   Rebecca has loved working alongside Kaleo to create textile designs that evoke real Kiwi memories.

Kina design