Boi Catch New <br> by Rebecca Iona

Boi Catch New
by Rebecca Iona

“Fishing was a big part of my childhood. I vividly remember waking up early in the morning and the excitement of sitting in my grandfathers little tin boat which was being towed by the tractor down to the beach at Little Huia.  We would spend hours out on the Manukau Harbour catching fresh kai moana for my Nan to fillet and cook us for lunch.  The thrill of the rod tugging and bending when we hooked one, fighting to wind the fish in, and then to see the silhouette and glistening colours appear as it came to the surface of the water.  It was almost always a snapper, but occasionally we were lucky enough to catch a kingfish, or a beautiful gurnard with its wings fanned out in a spectacular show.  I loved looking at all the details on the fish, how the scales were so perfectly lined up and the different patterns they formed. These memories and visual images have inspired my design.  By combining these images with Maori patterns, I hope to showcase the unique and iconic kai moana from Aotearoa.”

Rebecca Iona


Rebecca Iona is a NZ born artist who resides in Auckland. Her love of art began at a very early age, spending her holidays observing and drawing the native flora and fauna around her family holiday home in Little Huia on the West Coast of Auckland. Rebecca says “there is something so beautiful and awe inspiring about nature that captivates me in a way nothing else can.  The smell, textures, colours, patterns and intricate details bring a sense of wonder.  Through the mediums of drawing and painting, I am able to capture these memories and moments in time and share them with others to enjoy.”   Rebecca has loved working alongside Kaleo to create textile designs that evoke real Kiwi memories.

BOI Catch